BROCK® Secondary Containment Systems

An Economical
Conveying Solution


Row of Brock Unskirted Storage Silos

Economical, Versatile Storage
for Outside or In-Plant Use

Unskirted Storage Silos

Brock Secondary Containment Systems Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Better Protection,
Less Maintenance and Lower Cost

Containment Systems

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Brock Offers Steel Secondary Containment Systems

FLEX-AUGER® PLUS System Offers an Economical Conveying Solution
Brock’s FLEX-AUGER® PLUS Material Conveying System has been an efficient and economical solution for industrial applications for over 30 years. The FLEX-AUGER PLUS System is designed exclusively for handling free-flowing industrial materials to save valuable floor space, as well as the labor costs associated with moving raw materials around the plant.

Brock Industrial Systems

Brock’s Industrial products provide economical solutions for storing and conveying raw materials for the plastics industry and containment systems to help the petroleum and chemical industries protect the environment from spills & leaks.

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